Selected Works
2017 - 2018

an absorption, not a reflection

Miranda J Friedman is a Los Angeles-based multiple disciplinary artist. Friedman conducts experimental art experiences with groups of artists using video, sound and performance. Her immersive studies center around societal deprogramming from roles supporting and prescribed by advertising.

Influenced by contemporary interventionist art and the art therapy of the Neo-Concrete movement, the artist often creates experiences with feminist undertones in which the viewer is part of the performance.

From broadcast script-format narratives about women working in advertising to her use of metaphysical real life focus groups, Friedman’s eight-year career in advertising is not only reflected in her themes, but also in her execution.

Friedman believes the performance begins with the conceptual development within each team of artists she brings together for a given piece.

The use of minimal color is a personal practice in absorbing energies for what they are, rather than projecting her own. She uses black because it absorbs light, rather than reflecting it.

Her team process encourages its artists to apply existing passion and expertise to a shared desire for change.
The work then centers around the idea of “standing art,” or “art that can be created from where we are.”

This pertains to her use of found and recycled materials and also the assignment of focused creative freedom to different members of each project.

Also part of Friedman’s practice is her video collage journal. She perpetually conducts and captures interviews and conversations with other artists and her experiences in others’ exhibition spaces. She then creates collages using quick cuts, recorded sound and found music.

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