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Brand New Dance • S1 E1
The RECTANGLES Season One series premiere begins in a University arts department in 1965. Art major, Rectangle, has a musical premonition. Rectangle’s psychic vision is about dance in the future and occurs during a visit from best friend, Quopal, a writer and college dropout. Music majors, RZO and Fick express dissatisfaction with sharing space with art students.

Episode 1: Brand New Danc

One-Way Mirror  • S1 E2

Paola, a painting major in 1970, helps her beaux and professor, Dr. Isaacs, prepare for an opening at his gallery. The RECTANGLES cast sings with Paola through her confusing ambivalence towards Isaacs' co
ntrolling and diva-like behavior.

Interested in Topics  • S1 E3 
Paola and fellow art alumna, Adine—a student who started at the University at age 40—weigh independence with loneliness alleviation as they discuss relationships and conspiracy theory. Music instructor and professional drummer, Professor Husht, questions if her irritation with colleagues and environmental factors is a deeper issue.

Celebrity Figure Drawing  • S1 E4

Rectangle, the host of Rectangle’s Tomorrow and a former student of Dr. Isaacs, visits Gallery M. Isaacs for a portrait in 1979. Paola creates two vibes, one is intentional, and one is accidental and gets her in trouble.

Waking Up Alone + Liking It! • S1 E5

At the 1979 opening of Dr. M. Isaacs’ solo show, discussion is stirred about the artist’s privilege amongst music students, Rardin, RZO and Fick. Paola defends her choice in literature.

Retrograde Life  • S1 E6

Television host, Rectangle welcomes best friend and best-selling author, Quopal, onto Rectangle's Tomorrow as a guest to promote a new book that calls out a past acquaintance and nods to the real-life Fran Lebowitz. Sensing that the world may be in danger of more than Mercury in Retrograde, Rectangle makes an impulsive announcement.

Country Lane • S1 E7

Rectangle, now the host of the 1985 major network late night talk show, Rectangle’s Tomorrow, reminisces with Husht, former professor and now the show’s one-drummer band, The Faculty. In a 1969 flashback when Husht was a music professor and Rectangle was a student, a department gift exchange gives sneak peeks into Rectangle’s extra sensory inclinations, Husht’s stardom and Sister Ellen’s childhood.

Hot Flashback
• S1 E8

Husht and Rectangle continue to reminisce, this time to a 1970 student protest when two students come out to the world during a heated speech. Sister Mary Ellen asks students, Rardin and Adine, to plan her funeral.

In this Frame • S1 E9

In 1994, Husht and Rectangle tie racial capitalism to Independence Day. A secret is revealed at a 1997 faculty and student reunion hosted by Adine. Husht shares music goals for the future with Rectangle.

I’m Gonna Use That • S1 E10

In 2010, flight attendants, RZO and Rardin, collaborate on an album with their former professor, Husht. While consulting for Sister Mary Ellen and founders of power addiction rehab centers across the US, Quopal investigates a sex trafficking ring. Rectangle interviews Sister E and Quo on Rectangle’s Tomorrow to spread awareness about all of it.

Unbegun  • S1 E11
Paola performs An Unfinished Portrait for Manuel Diaz on Rectangle’s Tomorrow. Rectangle also welcomes RZO, Rardin and Fiktish to promote their tour with their former professor, Husht.

• S1 E12

Husht brings former students, Rardin, Fick and RZO on a 2015 tour to Beijing. A government ban forces the three flight attendants / musicians to head to the US Embassy.

Millennial Manifestation • S1 E13

Talk show host, Rectangle (Brittney McClendon), insists on social distancing before the official shelter-in-place order. So in February 2020, Rectangle and Quopal share their friendship origins with artist, Paola (Kimi Palacios), for her current project.

No Dishtowels
• S1 E14

Flight attendants, RZO (Maria Forero) and Rardin (Erika R. Moore) work during the chaos of the March 2020 spread of COVID-19 as Unified Air is packed with passengers flying to their respective shelters. One is Quopal (Alexa もえ Downing) who has an unexpected flirtatious encounter. Will either flirter remove their mask to reveal their face?

Playing Cards
• S1 E15

Husht (Mieko Gavia) and RZO (Maria Forero) open The Faculty virtual concert with a discussion about immigration laws. Rectangle (Brittney McClendon) considers friendship ideals.