Zalaegerszeg, Hungary


In working with members of a bilingual theater group in Hungary, Friedman listened to women’s stories and provided a platform to reinvent things that had happened to them. Often these scenarios were described as “things I let happen to me.” Regardless of the cause of action or real life outcome, “feat.” provided a space to use performance to reclaim true life narratives with humor.

Revised endings ranged from clothing provided for inappropriate professorial portraits in the nude to telling a man who wants to be your guru/husband that your destiny is not to birth his children to an HU-USA pop culture lawsuit bringing the suing party and the sued into a musical collaboration.

feat., July 2019,
Video, performance in a garden, cloth, chalk, paint, string, trees.

P R E M I S E :

A series of alluring self formation prospects distract young women from finding themselves. The piece reinvents true narratives to explore how individuals can lead their own decision making + transgress the position of a “feat.” on someone else’s track.

A E S T E T I C   T O N E :

Between ages eight and ten, Friedman’s friends would buy teen girl magazines and she would borrow them to read the embarrassing stories section. The most embarrassing story of the issue was always accompanied by an illustration, hence the amateurist line drawing style of the set design.

Reading these tales was one of many bizarre rituals in learning how to grow into some kind of a woman. The message seemed always to be that in order to be more than a feature in someone else’s story, you must use your sexuality to be the star—even if it ends with being laughed at for complacency. The girls in the embarrassing stories got caught by their boyfriends shaving their bikini lines, flashed crowds of people through windows they thought were two-way mirrors and left pore strips on when they walked out the door for a second date. It was sexy be messy if the grossness was associated with beautifying tasks or female bodily maintenance. And it was cool to be forgetful if you were having fun and somewhere with lots of cool friends.

Emese Kintli
Rebeka Bogdán
Rebeka Cseh
Miranda Friedman

Shin Itagaki

Mészáros Gábor
Katja Pál