San Francisco, CA

terminus acce$$

terminus acce$$ (performance still), Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA
September 2018, 100 Hickory nuts, paper, glue, performance, water (dimensions variable, each nut approximately 1 in x ⅘ in)

terminus = entrance or exit?
terminus acce$$ was performed at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, California, where the Lincoln Highway, one of the United States’ first major roadways ends or begins, terminu$ juxtaposes institutional inaccessibility with easy access to consumerism.
I purchased a book only readable via purchase on Google Books, printed it and cut it into strips. The strips were then folded and inserted into hollowed hickory nutshells, which I resealed and inserted into the Legion of Honor’s fountain. The fountain marks the highway’s western terminus.

(sculpture detail—the book pages prior to being inserted into the nutshells) A book, only accessible via purchase. Lines ripped into scraps of paper, which were inserted, at random, into hollowed hickory nuts.

In order to read the book or know its title, the viewer would have to retrieve each nut by wading in the fountain, cracking each of the 100 nuts, and piecing together the scrambled lines. The highway was built so that goods could more easily be transported and sold, the museum was built so that art could be accessible to the public, like many institutions, for a fee and within the framework of a selected history.
Should viewers engage with my free performance outside, they would have to have a reason, an interest and a trust that there is indeed a text in the nuts. Similarly, you are also asked to trust that this image is depicting an actual event. The trust would require enough interest to do so but there lies the end or the beginning of an exchange.