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🖤 R E C T A N G L E S 🖤

 A B O U T

RECTANGLES ran as a live weekly performance series in Zoom May 9 - Aug 15 2020. The series travels through glitches, lags and premonitions to follow a group of students, faculty and staff at a university art department in non linear time.

+ + + +  a  H E A D S - u p  + + + + For those with aversions to low quality video and lo-fi sound: Some of the characters themselves are living glitches in society and in patriarchy and norms in this world tend to lag.

Made during a time when physical distance amongst populations and individuals fluctuated. Yet, the room to treat one another with respect remained the same vast abyss. The RECTANGLES project is free to attend. Closed captions available.

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